Student’s origami aids Japan

Cranes for Japan

Amanda Woomer ’12 has made so many tiny colored paper cranes that now,
as she carries on a conversation, she doesn’t notice her hands meticulously completing each fold to produce a finished crane.

In fact, she only notices what she is doing when she sets the finished crane on the table and starts on another. The intricate piece of origami is roughly the size of a matchbook and very delicate. In two minutes, she has transformed a 3-by-3-inch scrap of paper into a work of art. She is folding for her friends and for people she’s never met.

Recent grad helps Japan

Ben Hurst

Ben Hurst ’10 made up his mind — he wasn’t going to make sandwiches anymore.

His early search for professional work in the nonprofit industry was unsuccessful and the old summer job assembling subs at a chain sandwich joint was growing stale. He decided to go international with his search and landed on a job teaching English in Japan that he found listed online.

Photo: Names for Japan

Names for Japan

Psychology major Kiara Tull ’12, left, receives a bookmark with her name hand lettered in Japanese in return for a donation during a fundraising event March 25 for the American Red Cross relief to Japan’s Earthquake and tsunami catastrophes. Doing the lettering is Britnie West ’13, a TESOL major and Japanese Club secretary and instructor.

‘Gorilla’ Marketing: Bocko helps change the way we view the world

‘Gorilla’  Marketing: Bocko helps change the way we view the world

If you are one of the 100 million Americans with smart phones, chances are you are holding the work of a fellow Oswego alumnus.

Peter Bocko ’75, chief technology officer for Corning Glass Technologies, a business within Corning Inc., driving new glass opportunities, has spent his career developing and bringing to market glass used in cutting-edge high-tech devices like these. His latest project is Corning Gorilla Glass, a super-tough, ultra-thin product used in some of the hottest electronic devices on the planet.

Extraordinary Expat: Alumna Shares Love of Science in New Home

Andrea teaching

When Peter ’75 and Andrea Guglielmo Bocko ’73, M ’75 decided to pull up roots in New York’s Southern Tier and resettle in Tokyo to be closer to Pete’s work, it meant big changes for the family. Pete was busy with his work at Corning Inc., but Andrea (above, at left) had taken an early retirement from a teaching job she loved in the Corning-Painted Post school district.

GOLD Grad Dedicates Oswego Crane Project

GOLD Grad Dedicates Oswego Crane Project

Kosuke Kisaka ’09 delivered a Senba Zuru — a 1,000 origami paper crane assemblage representing the college’s prayer for peace — to the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima this August. Students, faculty and staff created Oswego’s Senba Zuru following the “Hiroshima Speaks” exhibition in Penfield Library in spring 2009.