From the President’s Desk

President Deborah F. Stanley

Our mission as an institution of higher education is to light the path to wisdom and empower our students to pursue meaningful lives as productive, responsible citizens. A fundamental part of our success lies in finding a balanced approach to living, in which we nurture the body, mind and spirit. We hope to educate well-rounded

SRC Scientists Gain ‘Business Acumen’ through Customized Oswego MBA

On-site coursework—Ding Zhang, professor of marketing and management at SUNY Oswego, teaches a course in operations management as part of a customized MBA program at SRC Inc., a North Syracuse-based research and development company.

SUNY Oswego has teamed with SRC Inc. to deliver a customized MBA degree program to employees of the research and development company at its North Syracuse offices. More than 30 SRC employees began taking classes toward the master of business administration at SRC, from pre-MBA foundational courses to electives and core classes. “Recent enhancements to

From the President’s Desk

From the President's Desk

FROM THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS to the bright lights of Broadway, from the pages of major magazines to the studios of ESPN and NBC, and from the art galleries of New York to the concert halls of major cities, graduates of Oswego’s School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA) are making a name for themselves…and their

From the President’s Desk

President Deborah F. Stanley portrait

Fifty years ago, our college had newly graduated from teachers college to comprehensive college of arts and sciences; we had just opened our new science building, Piez Hall; and President Foster Brown had recruited a young chemistry professor from Purdue University — Dr. Richard Shineman — to help expand Oswego’s science programs. Now, at another exciting time of growth and innovation for the sciences on our campus, the Shineman name is once again at the forefront.

Class of 1987 Silver Anniversary

Class of 1986

Members of the Class of 1987 gathered for a silver anniversary reception with President Deborah F. Stanley during Reunion Weekend 2012 at Shady Shore. Celebrating the 25-year class anniversary are, first row, from left: Kimberly Morella, Kitty Sherlock Houghtaling, Francine Maltz Dorfman, Nancy Brown Corbin, Kimberly Cockayne Brooke, Karen Coney Coplin and President Deborah F. Stanley. Pictured second row, from left, are: Pilar Di Pietro, Laurie Harrison Kennen, Marcie Benjamin Brasier, Kristine Kuehnle, Suzanne Vernon Vienneau and Lisa Marceau Schnorr. Pictured third row, from left, are: Carol Jones Quirk, Jean Linnenbach Klein, Regina DeBottis Sheehan, Courtney Grace DeWitt, Liz Gocs and Stu Rothenberg. Pictured fourth row, from left, are: Henry N. Seymour, James D. Hewitt and Doug Steuerman. Pictured fifth row, from left, are: Andrew Wojnowski, David Smith, Keith Chamberlain, Wendy Cobrda and Dennis O’Toole.

Class of 1962 Golden Anniversary

Oswego Class of 1962

Members of the Class of 1962 gathered for a golden anniversary reception with President Deborah F. Stanley during Reunion Weekend 2012 in the Sheldon Hall Lower Lobby. Celebrating the 50-year anniversary were, first row, from left: James Anderson, James Balducci, David Bates, A. David Bird, Donald Blauvelt, Monica Boivin Carroway, Frank Cleary, Patricia Crosson Cleary, Patricia McCarthy Coughlin, Mary Reilly Crabbs, Lester Crowell, Janice Bartow Curro, Marilyn Fragetta Daluisio, Peter Dankelman, Gail Freeman Dembin and Lawrence Fagen. Pictured second row, from left, are: Mark Montoney, Jean Moser McKay, Christopher Maniscalco, Marguerite Boyle Lowenthal, Eleanor Koch Link, Diana Schoff Lawlor, Roberta Bonacci Lang, George Ladd, Donald Kline, Jack James, Anne Petrak Horner, Martin Holland, Anne Dunn Herb, Edward Heinrich, Ronald Harrison, Edwina Foster and Phyllis Maguire Fanizzi. Pictured third row, from left, are: Colette Chapman Ozarowski, Marie D’Amore Petrelli, Michael Picciano, Lois Glick Reiter, Kathleen Haggerty Ross, Arleen Statnikoff Rudoy, Clayton Sauberan, Nancy Tuma Sauberan, Frederick Scharf, Rosemary Bushneck Shanahan, Michael Shramek, James Stahlman, Joanne Clark Szalay, Robert Thole, Marjorie Pfluke Trudeau, Donna Fry True, Peter Vignogna and Beverly Brown Wilkins, Robert Thole, Marjorie Pfluke Trudeau, Donna Fry True, Peter Vignogna and Beverly Brown Wilkins.

PHOTO: LECET milestone

LECET donation

The New York State Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) celebrated a milestone — 15 years of generous support to Oswego’s Presidential Scholars Program. Bill Shannon, business manager for the Upstate New York Laborers’ Council and LECET representative, presented a check for $25,000 to President Deborah F. Stanley in the autumn. “We believe in the importance of education and in maintaining strong relationships with our community,” said Shannon. He added that the trust is happy to support the Presidential Scholars program, which makes a high-quality education possible for many students, like the children of LECET’s members. Stanley thanked LECET for their continuing support of the program, saying “LECET’s unprece-dented longevity of commitment to partnering with SUNY Oswego not only benefits our Presidential Scholars, but also the people of our state and region as these dedicated students take their Oswego degrees out into the world and do great things.”

President’s Desk

President Deborah F. Stanley portrait

As I write this, 10 faculty members from our School of Business have just departed for Turkey, where they plan to make new professional connections that will down the road benefit our students. This is just one example of the kinds of projects going on in this dynamic school, which we feature in this issue of the magazine with stories reviewing its 20-year development and profiling one of our most accomplished business alumni, Bob Moritz ’85.

SUNY Oswego recently received our most positive Middle States reaccreditation review in memory (see p. 3), and our School of Business radiates the sense of vibrancy and success you would expect from a vital part of our strong institution. Commitment to students, internships, field experience and service — these are areas that shone in our institution’s reaccreditation review, and they are all particular strengths in our School of Business.

The external team of evaluators appointed by our accreditor commended Oswego for our culture of assessment, and our business school in many respects led the way on campus in marshaling metrics to guide academic planning and development. They commended us for our international programs, and our business school is in the forefront of establishing dual degree programs with Chinese universities, bringing international scholars to campus, leading entrepreneur research abroad and exploring new opportunities for overseas partnerships. They commended our capital improvements, and, indeed, the renovation of Rich Hall as a home for our School of Business was one of the first big successes in our ongoing campus-wide renewal program.

We have recently launched the SUNY system’s first multidisciplinary cooperative education program, and accounting in the School of Business was our pioneer. The school’s MBA program joins hands with other disciplines on campus to offer five-year joint degrees, the newest to win approval involving Oswego’s renowned broadcasting program.

The School of Business partakes of the vigorous, can-do spirit that permeates SUNY Oswego and that characterizes so many of our alumni, as you can see in stories throughout this issue. Enjoy!

Deborah F. Stanley