Faculty Hall of Fame: Dr. Kenvyn Richards ’53

Kenvyn Richards '53

“I can’t imagine a curriculum that would prepare me for life as well as the Industrial Arts program at Oswego from 1950 to 1953,” says Kenvyn Richards ’53. “I learned so much that was practical and it has served me well for the last 60 years.” It served him so well, that he made it his life’s work, first teaching in the public schools in the Middleburgh School District and later as professor of industrial arts, now called technology education, at his alma mater.

Anniversary Gift Celebrates 60 Years, Funds the Future

Anniversary Gift Celebrates 60 Years, Funds the Future

After 59 years of marriage, Ken ’54 and Anne MacDonald Sherman ’53 had amassed quite a collection of anniversary gifts. In fact, in recent years they requested friends and family to donate to a favorite charity as a gift to them.

Ken Sherman ’54
Last year for their 60th anniversary, those friends and family did them one better and got them a legacy: A SUNY Oswego scholarship to call their own.