4 Steps to Your Own Personal Brand

Bob Moritz '85

What do we mean by personal brand? I define it as your unique promise of value, or simply your reputation. It’s how you present yourself to others; it’s the quality of your work; it’s the care you take on the big things and the small things. It could be about something as small as showing up on time, or taking the extra step to make a difference for someone. It’s about the strengths you were born with, the skills you developed, and the choices you make now to create future opportunities.

View from the Top: Moritz Took His Oswego Business Degree to the Peak of PwC

View from the Top:  Moritz Took His Oswego Business Degree to the Peak of PwC

Bob Moritz ’85, chairman and senior U. S. partner of the Big 4 accounting firm PwC, pulled into Oswego April 16 to pick up the Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society honorary member award on his way back to New York from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions in Cleveland, where he was thrilled to see Green Day honored.

Burgeoning Business

Burgeoning Business

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley and from the nation’s capital to Main Street USA, accomplished graduates of Oswego’s School of Business make a name for themselves and their alma mater.
Oswego diplomas hang on the walls of corporations, small businesses, and public and private entities alongside their Ivy League colleagues — here and abroad.

There is no surprise about that, no accident. We have heart, we are bullish and we are on the cutting edge.

The evidence is everywhere.