ASK Mentoring Program Expands to Include GOLD Alumni

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            The Alumni Sharing Knowledge Program (ASK) is offering Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni a chance to be mentored by fellow alumni. As of 2017, ASK expanded its programming to all GOLD alumni, as well as second semester first-year students. “Thanks to our alumni mentors, the ASK program

Oswego Matters By Executive Director Betsy Oberst

Oswego Matters By Executive Director Betsy Oberst

With Passion and Purpose: The Campaign for SUNY Oswego was about so much more than just raising money to build our endowment, increase scholarships, enhance student success and invigorate our intellectual climate at SUNY Oswego. It also created wonderful opportunities to elevate our profile and increase the engagement, spirit, energy, pride and excitement of our

Oswego Matters: Fall/Winter 2015

Oswego Matters: Fall/Winter 2015

This issue talks about one of the favorite topics of Oswego alumni … winter weather! I often say this is one of the common bonds that unites Oswego alumni over the generations! Winter weather stories … including the mythical “ropes,” girls getting blown away, cars being buried, classes being cancelled, sledding at Fallbrook and more

Oswego Matters

Betsy Oberst

net·work / [net-wurk] verb (used without object): to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position. We invite you to join Oswego’s “Get Work Network!” With our ever-growing database of 75,000-plus alumni, your Owego alumni network is a powerful tool for expanding your cache

Alumni connections spell success for students

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Whether through an Oswego Alumni Association Alumni-In-Residence presentation, an Alumni Sharing Knowledge mentorship or events like New York City Career Connections, alumni connections mean opportunities for current students.

Joe Yacura ’74 was looking for someone to do research into wineries’ presence on the Internet in preparation for the launch of his new website, So he contacted School of Business Dean Richard Skolnik. It wasn’t the first time Yacura had given students an opportunity for real-world experience. Two years ago he had three business majors doing research into the wine industry in the Finger Lakes area.