Student’s origami aids Japan

Cranes for Japan

Amanda Woomer ’12 has made so many tiny colored paper cranes that now,
as she carries on a conversation, she doesn’t notice her hands meticulously completing each fold to produce a finished crane.

In fact, she only notices what she is doing when she sets the finished crane on the table and starts on another. The intricate piece of origami is roughly the size of a matchbook and very delicate. In two minutes, she has transformed a 3-by-3-inch scrap of paper into a work of art. She is folding for her friends and for people she’s never met.

GOLD Grad Dedicates Oswego Crane Project

GOLD Grad Dedicates Oswego Crane Project

Kosuke Kisaka ’09 delivered a Senba Zuru — a 1,000 origami paper crane assemblage representing the college’s prayer for peace — to the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima this August. Students, faculty and staff created Oswego’s Senba Zuru following the “Hiroshima Speaks” exhibition in Penfield Library in spring 2009.