The Last Word

Profile - Ron Throop

The Accidental Painter—History Alumnus Turned Artist By Ron Throop ’90 I wish I could say otherwise, but my path to Oswego State came comically by chance. I remember back in high school sitting in a circle of prospective students while an Oswego Admissions rep asked each of us our intended major of study. Practically everyone picked

Oswego Matters

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This magazine’s main feature is about one of my all-time favorite passions—and something I, along with the Oswego Alumni Association Board of Directors, have as a primary objective of our alumni engagement efforts—the value of networking and alumni connections. I am proud of the many networking programs we have launched and grown over the years

From the President’s Desk

President Deborah Stanley

Home. It’s a word that means many things to people. It’s the place where you connect with family and friends. It’s the place where you can unwind and be yourself. It’s a place where memories are made and life’s most important moments are shared. I hope you consider SUNY Oswego your home—the place where you have made

The Fiction Bug and the Man Who Introduced Me to the Devil … and Myself

By Jeff Durstewitz ’73

As you get older you remember certain “red letter” days. One of those, for me, came in the summer of 1971 when I spotted a name in the Oswego course catalog: Campbell Black, a novelist who was teaching fiction in the English Department’s new writing program. That day was, as the cliché has it, the

Oswego Matters

Betsy Oberst

 I am delighted to welcome the newest members of our alumni and communications teams. Matt Cummins joined us this winter as associate director of communications and Mitch Galvin M’15 has just joined us this summer as assistant alumni director. Matt brings a wealth of experience in marketing and social media and has already helped us

President’s Desk

President's Desk

With the arrival of spring in Oswego, Mother Nature spruces up her appearance as more people head outside to enjoy the warmer air and her splendor. It is almost as if she is inviting us to feel “at home” again after a long winter. In this issue, we explore the idea of “home” through Nancy

In My Mind’s Eye

In My Mind's Eye

When I came to SUNY Oswego as a student on that snowy 1978 January day, I could not have imagined that my future, family, home and career would all be here on the shores of Lake Ontario. After all, I was from Wantagh [Long Island] with a certain order to my universe. The expectation was

Oswego Matters

Oswego Matters

Well … time flies, as they say! Somehow it’s 2017, and it has been a trip down memory lane to work with this year’s Class of 1977 volunteers on planning their 40th reunion in June. We have such an engaged group of class volunteers, and the posting of old photos and memories has truly brought

Oswego Matters By Executive Director Betsy Oberst

Oswego Matters By Executive Director Betsy Oberst

With Passion and Purpose: The Campaign for SUNY Oswego was about so much more than just raising money to build our endowment, increase scholarships, enhance student success and invigorate our intellectual climate at SUNY Oswego. It also created wonderful opportunities to elevate our profile and increase the engagement, spirit, energy, pride and excitement of our

The Last Word – Magical Oz Connections Transcend Time By Wendy Cobrda ’87

The Last Word - Magical Oz Connections Transcend Time By Wendy Cobrda ’87

Was it standing together on the shores of Lake Ontario, holding hands, watching the melting crayon sunsets at night? Was it those long walks around campus holding each other up when caught in a wind tunnel? Was it the onslaught of horizontal snow that pelted our faces as we braved the brutal winters that bonded