Here’s Alice: Award-Winning Author of Seven Novels

Award-Winning Author of Seven Novels: Alice McDermott '75

Preface: The artist’s life began early for Alice McDermott ’75. She was always writing, creating stories, as children do, as a means of shaping and controlling her world. At a very young age, she was in love with short stories and novels, in love with fiction. Here’s Alice. She is filling page after page with

Creative Arts Programs at Oswego

Creativity... the Creative Arts programs at Oswego

Creativity… demands risk-taking rejects prevailing thoughts bubbles up from within spawns innovation follows no rules accepts mistakes begets creativity thrives at Oswego The Creative Arts programs at Oswego encompass a range of academic disciplines, including fine arts, music, theatre, film and creative writing. The work of faculty and alumni enrich the cultural environment of the

Keeper of the Torch

Keeper of the Torch

The Oswego Alumni Association ensures the bonds among 78,000 alumni remain strong. By Margaret Spillett Commencement Eve for nearly 90 years, SUNY Oswego alumni have ceremoniously passed the torch of learning from one generation to the next, with the charge—penned in 1936 by then Chair of the English Department Dr. Lida S. Penfield ’19—to carry

$7.5 Million Marano Bequest Plants Seeds of Learning for Student Scholars

$7.5 Million Marano Bequest Plants  Seeds of Learning for Student Scholars

The late Lorraine and Nick Marano may have never imagined that their farming endeavors would grow a legacy of learning for future generations of SUNY Oswego students. When Lorraine E. Marano designated $7.5 million from her estate to benefit SUNY Oswego, she did just that. The bequest—the largest single gift in the college’s 153-year history—establishes

Oswego Soars to a Universe of Opportunity, a Galaxy of Possibility

Oswego Soars to a Universe of Opportunity, a Galaxy of Possibility

Celestial in its reach, the Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation is also practical to the core — a visionary platform for launching careers in the physical sciences while tackling urgent issues of environmental sustainability. From its 35-seat planetarium to its 240 energy-efficient geothermal wells, the complex showcases Oswego’s ever-growing commitment to

A Heritage of Mentorship Continues From the Shinemans To the Danas

Shinemans to the Danas

“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” —HARRIET TUBMAN Sometimes, we make choices that lead us to the best possible circumstance among the best possible people we could hope for in our lives. When that happens, we thank our lucky stars,

Alumni Soar in the Sciences

Alumni Soar in the Sciences

Launched from Oswego’s lakeside laboratories and classrooms, mentored by Oswego’s dedicated faculty and inspired by a culture of inquiry, Oswego alumni soar in research, discovery, innovation and design. They lead the way in a variety of groundbreaking missions; their work is a testimony to the vigor of the Oswego experience and the value of an Oswego degree. Read more

Dedicating Rejuvenated Rice Creek Field Station

Dedicating Rejuvenated Rice Creek

    President Deborah F. Stanley, speaking at the Landmark Celebration of Rice Creek Field Station Oct. 3, 2013, said, “We gather at beautiful Rice Creek to rededicate our long-standing commitment to the environment on this 400-acre woodland site and to emphasize our increased commitment to research.” Celebrating the dedication, with a crowd of current and former

A Legacy of Life, Learning and Love: A Tribute to Colleen and Lynne

Remembering the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103

Imani Gary ’15 wasn’t born when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988, killing the 259 passengers aboard and 11 people on the ground. She didn’t know the two SUNY Oswego students who perished in the bombing: Colleen Brunner ’90 and Lynne Hartunian ’89. Yet, Gary said her life has been profoundly affected by them. As the 2013

Towel and Tissue Titan: George Wurtz III ’78

Towel and Tissue Titan: George Wurtz III ’78

A shrewd investment in his industrial arts education has paid hefty dividends in his manufacturing career. Just to be clear: George Wurtz III ’78, president and CEO of Soundview Paper Co. LLC, fully intended to teach industrial arts after graduating from Oswego. Hardwired with his grandfather’s love of woodworking and machinery, Wurtz had graduated from