Tech & Marketing

Tech & Marketing

  Waves of Success A passion for weather and water led New York City native Jeff Ragovin ’00 to the shores of Lake Ontario. After all, he grew up watching America’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker ’76, extol his alma mater during Today show broadcasts. Instead of majoring in meteorology as he initially planned, Jeff opted for broadcasting and

Tech and Security

Tech & Security

Securing Our Digitally Connected World For the past 20 years, Dane Coyer ’80 has lived in the future. “In the startup world, I have to be thinking about what’s going to happen next. What technology do we need, what new problems will need to be solved, what new problems will be created by new technology? I find it

Tech & Design

Jeff Hoefer Design

Design Matters Jeff Hoefer ’80 grew up in Binghamton, N.Y., and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SUNY Oswego. After graduation, his interests led him to pursue employment in California as a model maker, which launched a career spanning 38 years in Silicon Valley. As the computer made its way into everyday

Tech & Teaching

Tech & Teaching

Enthusias-Tech Classrooms: Alumni Educators Bring Technology’s ‘Cool Factor’ to Life In Loudoun County, Va., a tiny village has been built using engineering software and a 3D printer. The village’s roads and bridges have been tested for vehicle safety using coded robotics—although the transportation engineers who conducted the testing are still years away from being old

Tech & Art

Tech and Art

Artists Use Technology to Tell Stories, Enhance Artistic Vision Anti-Bullying in 3D: Okiemute Inweh ’06 Olu is an alligator who goes on adventures with his friends, and together they send a 3-dimensional message of love and tolerance. Olu and Friends is the brainchild of Okiemute “Okie” Inweh ’06 and Sean Brissett, co-founders and partners at Inway Studios, a

Changing the World One Smile at a Time

Changing the World One Smile at a Time

  When Susannah Melchior Schaefer ’90 arrived in 2014 at a remote village in Tanzania, she was greeted by the entire community with a ceremony in her honor and a feast of chicken. But more importantly, she was greeted by the smiling face of 6-year-old Osawa Owiti—the recipient of Smile Train’s 1 millionth cleft surgery.

Athlete to Coach: Alumni Cultivate Collegiate Athletic Programs Nationally

From Athlete to Coach

She used to beat the boys. Now she’s coaching them. “I’m on deck every day for that little girl who fell in love with the water,” said Jacqueline Michalski ’10, speaking of her own childhood as a competitive swimmer who transitioned her love of the sport into a four-year stint on the SUNY Oswego women’s

Black Student Union Enriches Oswego Campus for 50 Years

Black Student Union  Enriches Oswego Campus for 50 Years

Jim Gordon ’73 arrived at SUNY Oswego in fall 1969, having graduated as the only black student among a class of 36 in his rural Dutchess County (N.Y.) high school. So when he discovered his roommate was white, it didn’t come as a surprise to him. However, his roommates’ parents had a slightly different reaction.

Leveraging the Laker Connection: Throughout their lives, alumni and students benefit from a range of professional development tools, including the most important—each other. —Margaret Spillett

2017 Fall On-line Magazine

Jeff Knauss ’07 (above left) was a brand new father and the sole breadwinner for his family when he was offered a promotion to vice president of a broadcasting company in Syracuse, N.Y., in 2014. But instead of accepting the position, he gave his notice and left behind a steady salary with health insurance and