Alumnus Shares ‘Passion and Purpose’ through Campaign Launch

Alumnus Shares 'Passion and Purpose' through Campaign Launch

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago I was working at WTOP and getting ready for another season of Laker hockey. I was fortunate during my senior year at SUNY Oswego to wear hats such as WTOP General Manager and Communications Intern with the Alumni and Development Office. Who would’ve ever imagined that

AIR Program Continues to Give Fresh Perspective to Students

AIR Header

In the past five years, the number of alumni visits to campus through the Oswego Alumni Association’s signature Alumni-In-Residence program has grown exponentially from 34 in 2011-12 to 164 in 2015-16. And so far this fall semester is outpacing the numbers from last year. “I attribute the growth of the Alumni-In-Residence program to more students,

Pursuing a Life’s Calling

Pursuing a Life's Calling

Dr. Andrea Dattellas ’07 is the kind of person who brings her work home. In fact, she has converted her basement into an Intensive Care Unit for her patients who might need round-the-clock attention. “I feel better having them at the house so I can check on them, and their families appreciate it, too,” said

Alumni Bookshelf

Alumni Bookshelf

Alan Salop Scott ’55 My Life and Very Hard Times With Lousy Doctors Xlibris, 2016. It was Alan Scott’s mother who emphasized the notion that doctors were the same as God; one healed the body and the other the mind and soul. Holding that belief until he got older, he soon came to realize that

Roker ’92 Named CEO in NYC Health, Hospital Network

Roker '92 Named CEO in NYC Health, Hospital Network

As a student, Christopher Roker ’92 joined a SUNY Oswego fraternity to find interesting people and make great memories. He found both—and discovered a lifelong affinity for giving back to the community, too. “Phi Beta Sigma completed my college experience,” said Roker, a public relations major. “Our chapter, Rho Xi, was very collaborative with the

Making Magic Happen

Making Magic Happen

Joe Garsetti ’82 believes in magic, and he hopes you do as well. “If I can teach you one thing, I’d teach you to believe—believe in your friends, believe in your family and believe in those you love … if you do that, you can do anything,” Garsetti said before turning wet paper butterflies into

IT Executive Encourages Innovation, Creativity in Technology

IT Executive Encourages Innovation, Creativity in Technology

Mike Gioja ’79 had a grandfather who told him to “walk in the shoes of others” in order to gain an understanding of their lives. “Perspective is so important,” Gioja said. “Becoming a leader is heavily affected by the understanding you gain from others and from having worked in a variety of positions.” As you

The Smell of Success

The Smell of Success

Early in his career as a researcher at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Charles Wysocki ’73 worked on a project to explore the inability of some people to detect certain smells. Through his research, he and a colleague found that identical twins are essentially identical in their ability to smell androstenone, a chemical with

Howard Gordon ’74 M’78 Receives Lifetime Award of Merit from the OAA

Howard Gordon '74 M'78 Receives Lifetime Award of Merit from the OAA

Since arriving on campus as a freshman in the fall of 1970, Howard Gordon ’74 M’78 has connected people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds. He is perhaps one of the most visible, most recognizable people on the SUNY Oswego campus, and has been for nearly 50 years. A two-time alumnus of Oswego