Celebrating the 32nd Annual ALANA Student Leadership Conference

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The 32nd annual African, Latino, Asian and Native American (ALANA) Student Leadership Conference featured more than a week of events promoting cross-cultural understanding, education, networking, entertainment and storytelling. Highlights of the conference included participation by several alumni: Christopher McPherson ’12, social media manager, Fuse Media Inc.; Moraima Capellan Pichardo ’14, freelancer reporter and photographer; Alexis Salkey ’18, senior digital

Reunion 2018 Highlights

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View the entire Flickr gallery and download hi-res images The celebration included mini-reunion groups and special programs for the Class of 1968, whose 105 members were the largest contingency of 50-year milestone anniversary attendees ever. Alumni came from 34 states and from as far as Alaska. Attendees represented 67 different class years, including Davis Parker ’47,

Faculty Hall of Fame: Dr. George Koenig

Photo of Dr. George Koenig

Growing up in a bilingual home with his parents who had emigrated from Germany, George Koenig seamlessly moved between English and German in his conversations. Today, he continues to mix both languages into his conversations with his wife, Heike ’87, a native of Germany. “I joke that I am going to record our conversations to

From Both Sides of the Lens: Alumna Forges Career in News, Politics

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Not long after graduating from SUNY Oswego, Trudy Perkins ’93 was at home in Albany, N.Y., watching the Oprah Winfrey Show on TV when Oprah asked her producer to join her onstage. “I said to myself: ‘That’s what I want to do,’” Perkins said of the clipboard-wielding staff member who oversaw the success of the

Alumna Flourishes as Forensics Supplier

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Need some impression wax to capture footprints in the snow? Or perhaps some fingerprint lifting tape or protective gear? Or maybe a blood splatter documentation kit or a gunshot residue collection kit? Roberta Grode Berkowitz ’84 has got you covered. As president of Prendo Forensics, Berkowitz provides a one-stop shop to meet the forensics and

Outdoor Enthusiast Dedicates Career to Environmental Protection

Photo of Amy Hueber

Amy Hueber ’77 remembers waiting for the school bus on the west side of Syracuse—not far from Tipperary Hill—and being able to smell a polluted Onondaga Lake, more than five miles away. Her feelings about that lake were in stark contrast to those she held for Lake Ontario—the summer vacation spot for her family—including brother Jim

Empowering Others through Education

Dr. Victor Martin

“Education will not change the world; it will change the people who are going to change the world.” Dr. Victor Martin ’93 includes that quote by Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire under his email signature—a fitting location, as education has played a foundational role in Martin’s life. Martin said his mother, Cathy Santos ’87 M’99, instilled

The Last Word

Profile - Ron Throop

The Accidental Painter—History Alumnus Turned Artist By Ron Throop ’90 I wish I could say otherwise, but my path to Oswego State came comically by chance. I remember back in high school sitting in a circle of prospective students while an Oswego Admissions rep asked each of us our intended major of study. Practically everyone picked

Alumna Drafted By Canadian Women’s Hockey League

Alumna Drafted by Canadian Women's Hockey League Alexa Aramburu '17

Alexa Aramburu ’17 was one of just 105 players to be selected in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) Draft in August. Aramburu was picked 30th overall in the fifth of 23 rounds by the Toronto Furies. The Glen Rock, N.J., native joins the Furies after a stellar four-year career with the Lakers. In her senior