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p38-mylifebcAlan Salop Scott ’55

My Life and Very Hard Times With Lousy Doctors

Xlibris, 2016.

It was Alan Scott’s mother who emphasized the notion that doctors were the same as God; one healed the body and the other the mind and soul. Holding that belief until he got older, he soon came to realize that some in the medical profession were vacant of honesty, sense, warmth or understanding. This work captures his unnecessary pain, poor diagnosis, poorly mannered doctors and staff members.

p38-thegiftbcJohn Vaszko ’64

A Day In The Garden 

The Gift

Cheerio Printing, 2016.

A Day in the Garden is about a little girl who learns to eat her fruits and vegetables. The Gift is about a kindergarten girl who receives a large box and uses her imagination to make it a wonderful plaything.

p38-noblesentimentbcCarol Brockway-Lieto ’72, Michael Barton and Walter Reid Brockway, editors

Noble Sentiments of the Soul

Xlibris, 2015.

 While Joseph Dobbs Bishop was serving in Louisiana with the 23rd Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, he wrote letters ceaselessly to his wife and children. In several ways, his correspondence is typical of Civil War soldiers: He sends news of his comrades and his duties (he was a musician as well as an infantryman); he observes the landscape, complains about weather and longs for more letters from his wife. But Bishop’s letters go beyond typical to remarkable. He shows conflicting feelings about the war as time passes. He expresses startling opinions about slavery and emancipation, and above all, he fills his pages with passion.

p38-a-zmemoirbcPatricia M. Snell ’73

An A-Z Memoir of Teaching At Kendall Elementary School

The Preservation Foundation Inc., 2016.

 Everyone knows what it is like to be in school and have a substitute teacher. In this amusing book Patricia Snell tells us what it is like to be the substitute teacher. With decades of experience as a substitute teacher in a small town elementary school, Snell laments the disappearance of chalkboards from the classroom and the tastiest food from the cafeteria. In this memoir you will learn how she handled a class of unruly first graders and single-handedly fixed a problem with a classroom toilet. You’ll also find out how she came to be called Mrs. Stinky and how she became a hero in the classroom.

p38-cottoncandybcKaren Belove ’79

Cotton Candy Sally Finds A Home

Karen Belove, 2016.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, she was a beloved, talented quarter horse. But when Cotton Candy Sally arrives in New York City, they start calling her a nasty, sour nag. The girls at Bernadette’s Riding School are afraid of her, but 12-year-old Kara falls in love with Sally and is determined to fix things. Kara faces the recent death of her father and no money to buy the spirited mare, and worst of all, Bernadette might send Sally “down the road” because she isn’t earning her keep. Where will she end up and what will happen to Kara, who has finally found a way to be happy in the wake of her father’s death?

p38-guidelinebcPaul T. Vianco ’80

Guideline For Hand Soldering Practices

American Welding Society, 2015.

This primer is for students, instructors, process engineers and technical managers involved with manufacturing processes that require hand soldering practices. A complementary document to the Soldering Handbook, this guideline is organized to allow quick access to hand soldering knowledge for application to
process development and shop floor instructions.

plc_bookNancy Fichtman Dana ’86 M’88 and Diane Yendol-Hoppey

The PLC Book

Corwin, 2016.

Commitment to improving student outcomes is a natural part of being a teacher—and that’s why this book is for every member of the team, not just the leader. When you bring your experience, skills and questions to a professional learning community, you help shape its future.

Pp38-crimehealeratrick A. Davy ’88

Crime Healer: A Profession for the Brave at Heart

PD Publisher, 2016.

Former Correctional Officer Bernard Spence is on his way home to his Brooklyn apartment. He encounters three disrespectful teenagers on the subway and springs into action when the mischievous youngsters start to terrorize the other passengers. Bernard’s bravery and determination make him a welcome presence to his fellow commuters; however, his dealings with the adolescent gangsters have only just begun.

p38-angelsflorencebcLisa Marie Spaulding
Kevins ’89

The Angels of Florence

Royal Fireworks
Publishing, 2016.

The Angels of Florence is the cultural, religious, educational and inspirational journey of a young American girl studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and her struggle to adapt and mature within a new culture and language. Out of this struggle, she came to love Italy: the angelic beauty, the goodness of its people and its art.

p38-twashalloweenbcRachael Ruley ’10

’Twas Halloween Night

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

“’Twas Halloween Night and all through the town, The children were jumping all up and down…” It’s a Halloween like any other, until one trick-or-treater spots a very surprising visitor. Loyal to the similarly titled, other holiday story we know so well, this sweet poem is a story for Halloween-lovers of all ages.

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