Oswego Matters

Sometimes I struggle with what to write about in this column. On my 6 a.m. walk with our “rescue” dog, Bo, it hit me! What do I love about Oswego? The answer is longer than this space allows, so I’ll try to recap a few of the things that I love about Oswego.

I was hired 27 years ago (along with my colleague, Lisa Potter!) in a part-time position as advisor to a student group in the Alumni Office. Those “kids” I worked with are now going on 50 years old — I’m not sure how that happened! I also never imagined when I took that part-time job, that it would become my life’s work and passion and prove fulfilling in a way that many people only dream of. As I say time and again, it is truly a labor of love to work in the Alumni Office and with Oswego alumni.

Betsy OberstSo some of the things that I love most about working with Oswego alumni are their overwhelmingly unabashed love for this place and for their experiences here. I love their ongoing commitment to helping our students — to find internships and jobs, to mentor them. I love their enthusiasm in helping organize reunions to get their friends to come back to campus. Scores of them have become personal friends over my 27 years — people with whom I would not have had a connection if not for Oswego. And for that I am blessed and is one of the reasons I love Oswego.

I love working in an intellectually stimulating environment. And I love and truly believe that education changes lives and enriches our world. It’s a great feeling to think Oswego (and I in a small way!) are making a small difference in this big world of ours.

Then there’s the “personal.” Jerry ’77 and I and our kids, Caitlin (28), Megan (26) and Connor (23) have benefitted, along with the entire local Oswego community, from the many cultural, artistic, athletic and educational opportunities that SUNY Oswego brings into our local community every day.

But, most of all it is the people I love about Oswego — the people who work here and the students and alumni who went here. It truly is a special place. And I am proud of our 150-year history and all that is yet ahead. And those are just a few of the many things that I love about Oswego!

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